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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Actors joining Burn Notice, leaving Desperate Housewives

   USA is not known for adding characters to its shows.  Sure, Natalie (Traylor Howard) joined the cast of Monk to replace Sharona (Bitty Schram), and there was Anne Dudek (House) playing a police detective that was not Juliet (Maggie Lawson) in the pilot of Psych, but generally, USA dramas keep the same cast year after year.  That's about to change as the four actor ensemble in Burn Notice adds a fifth next season.
     The new series regular is Jesse Garcia, played by Coby Bell (The Game, Third Watch).  Word is, the new guy in town will have many of the same talents as Michael Weston (Jeffrey Donovan), including playing different characters, smooth talking, and reading people.  Basically, spy stuff.  So will he just hang around for one season, or will he stick?  Only time will tell.  Just please, please don't mess up the balance that has been perfected among the regular cast.
     Over on Wisteria Lane, though new characters will surely be announced, it's the women leaving that are getting the attention.  It took several tries to get a fifth housewife that could hold her own and click with the other four, but after recent plots, it appear Katherine (Dana Delany) has fallen out of favor.  Just her character, not the actress.  ABC has a pilot called Body of Evidence that they'd like her to star in, and she has accepted.  Delany hopes to still pop up on Desperate Housewives occasionally, if her series is picked up.  If not, she may stick around.  Or if it is picked up and quickly canceled, she may come back.  Creator Marc Cherry has vowed not to kill her off, and is happy to leave the door open for her return.  Katherine's new lover, Robin (Julie Benz, Angel, Dexter) also has an ABC pilot, No Ordinary Family, so perhaps the two could leave and live happily ever after together?
      Burn Notice has just completed it's third season, but will return to USA soon.  Desperate Housewives can be found on ABC Sundays at 9pm.

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