Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost: Ab Aeterno

     This week's episode of ABC's Lost was called "Ab Aeterno", which translated to English means 'from the beginning of time'.  This was highly appropriate, as it was a very heavy mythology story.  Almost the entire installment was dedicated to the long awaited back story of Richard Albert (Nestor Carbonell).  As previously suspected, he did arrive on the island on The Black Rock, an old sailing ship.  It was revealed that he actually got there in 1867, and why he still looks the same as he did back then.

     The episode was also heavy on plot between Jacob (Mark Pellegrino) and the Man in Black (Titus Welliver) who have been on the island for a very long time, seemingly since the beginning of time, if the episode title is to be believed.  The big reveal here was why people were brought to the island, and to confirm that perhaps some castaways died when they made the right choices and atoned for their sins.  But this one was about Richard, and most of the Jacob / MIB plot was more reassuring past hypothesis than anything.  Obviously the MIB has chosen to take the form of now-deceased Locke (Terry O'Quinn).  This is just a guess, but perhaps he had to take a form other than his own to leave the island?  That's the only reason I can think of, besides O'Quinn's popularity and contract, that Welliver hasn't played him all season.  The question now is, who will step up and assume Jacob's role in the ultimate showdown between good and evil at the end of the season?  There will be another big mythology episode coming up shortly before the series finale, and presumably that one will tackle all further revelations about the duo that the series creators intend to reveal.

     That being said, we still don't know why Hurley (Jorge Garcia) can see and talk to the dead.  Obviously this is an extremely important point, and I want to know why.  My first instinct is to say that this rules him out as being Jacob's successor, but come on.  Many of the fans will be disappointed if it's Jack (Matthew Fox), thinking they took the easy way out.  Many of the fans will be disappointed if it's not Jack, because he is the obvious choice, and deserves the mantle.  Either way, it's going to be a delicate balancing act to satisfy all of the fans, though if any show can do it, Lost can.

     What's next for the Losties?  Well, obviously there is showdown of ginormous proportions coming.  It's good vs. evil.  People are choosing sides or trying to stay out of it, but everyone will be involved.  With only ten hours left, next week marks the halfway point.  And we've barely seen Desmond (Henry Ian Cusick).  Obviously, that's the real crime.

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