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Friday, March 5, 2010

Geek Out With Jimmy hits HotZoneRadio

Jerome Wetzel, er, me, is currently a contributing writer for, but I began my public foray into publicly covering entertainment news and reviews as a podcast host.  I co-created a podcast called The Good, The Bad, & The Geeky, and hosted it for nearly 100 episodes, most of which are still available on iTunes, though I don’t recommend any new episodes, as the podcast was continued, albeit differently, after I left, and unfortunately, retained the name, despite my request that it not.  Almost a year ago, having had a fall out with my co-creator, I launched my own podcast, Geek Out With Jimmy, as Jimmy is the name I was called by my former co-host.  Then I got married and moved from Columbus, Ohio to Lexington, Kentucky, and dropped the podcast in all the confusion.  When the dust settled, I began writing as the Lexington TV Examiner, and then for HotZone.  When HotZoneOnline announced they were creating a radio station, I was thrilled to bring back the hourly cast Geek Out With Jimmy for a new audience.
Though the episode running this week is listed as Episode 16: Why Did He Come Back?, you can jump in with no prior knowledge of me.  (I will try to put the first 15 back on iTunes in the very near future).  This week I discuss which shows have been picked up for next season and which are still up in the air.  I also cover other television news, such as upcoming guest stars and stars of new shows being made.  I talk about the shows 24, Lost, American Idol, Brothers & Sisters, Undercover Boss, The Colbert Report, Ugly Betty, and the Olympics.  There is also a song tucked in about Jack Bauer.
In the future, I plan on bringing GOWJ to HotZoneRadio every week, and hope to find a co-host for my newly revived show.  I will discuss current television news and reviews, and every once in awhile, stick in a parody song or (hopefully) funny skit.  I welcome all e-mails and suggestions for the show.  Send to
Geek Out With Jimmy is currently slated to run tonight (Friday) at 7pm, Saturday at 1pm, and Sunday at 1pm.  Please tune in and tell me what you think.

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