Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NBC comes back full force post-Olympics

     With NBC's coverage of the Olympics over, it's time for the network to try to maintain some of the massive audience they have recently enjoyed.  The fourth place network struggles mightily in the ratings, though of course, the games, which they insist they way overpaid for and actually lost money on, gave them some relief.  This week, however, their normal slate of shows is back, and it's time to see how they do.
     The biggest story is that Jay Leno has returned to The Tonight Show, as of last night.  I, like most other people, didn't tune in.  The man is just not funny.  However, that frees up NBC's 10pm hour five nights a week, which was previously filled by the failed prime time Leno show.  What does that mean for viewers?  Well, last night it meant a two hour jumbo edition of Law & OrderLaw & Order: Special Victims Unit gets the same treatment on Wednesday, and then Dateline NBC takes two hours on Friday.  Thursday night features a one hour version of the new show from Jerry Seinfeld, The Marriage Ref, which aired a half hour this past Sunday.  And then tonight is the most interesting way to use the time, the premiere of the new hour dramedy, Parenthood, based on the 1989 movie of the same name.  But more on that tomorrow, after I get a chance to review the pilot.
     If, like me, you aren't impressed by extra hour of crime shows and the newest cheesy reality show, NBC actually does boast a few good series.  Among the best are Thursday night's sitcoms, excluding Community, of course.  The Office is during a full hour this week as Jim (John Krasinski) and Pam (Jenna Fischer) finally have their baby!  It's been a long time coming, and should, as usual, prove to be funny.  The Office has some of the best online content, including webisodes, and Pam currently has a baby blog on the web site.  This does mean, sadly, that 30 Rock will not air this week, but Parks and Recreation promises to be funny, as Ron (Nick Offerman) wins 'Woman of the Year'.  No, that is not a misprint.
     Lastly, NBC will also begin a new celebrity biography series this Friday called Who Do You Think You Are.  The first hour looks at Sex and the City star Sarah Jessica Parker.

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