Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NBC Comedy Thursday adding more great characters

     On the heels of the news that both Rob Lowe (Brothers & Sisters) and Adam Scott (Party Down) would be appearing in multiple episodes each on NBC's Parks and Recreation, comes more casting scoop.  P&R will also soon have Natalie Morales (pictured below).  Morales starred in the summer series The Middleman, as well as the first season of the new USA drama White Collar.  Apparently she was only contracted for one season with USA, unfortunately, as though her name appeared in the opening credits, she didn't get that much screen time.  Fans of hers, however, and I count myself among them, will be happy to see her bussing tables at a bar in Pawnee.  The role is for more than one episode.
     The big question in my mind is, will one of these three hilarious actors be chosen to join the cast fall time replace the departing Paul Schneider, who played Mark Brendanawicz, the city planner who had both Anne and Leslie fall head over heels for him.  Schneider was the straight man, but I guess Anne (Rashida Jones) will still be the straight woman in the cast, so it doesn't seem to be a huge loss at this point.  I may feel differently once we get into next season.
     That isn't the only story, however.  The Office will also be welcoming Amy Pietz.  Last seen as the mother in the short lived Aliens in America, but perhaps best known for her role in Caroline in the City, Pietz is a superb comic actress, and will make a fine addition to the workplace mockumentary.  She will begin her stint in April, but how long she will stick around is not being released, though word is it will be for at least a few episodes.  Could she be the new lady from corporate?  A love interest for Michael?  A temp replacing Pam?  Who knows?  Well, some people know, but I am not among them.
     Bottom line, NBC Comedy Thursday, already laugh out loud funny, looks to add even more chuckles in upcoming shows.  The Office airs at 9pm, and Parks & Recreation can be seen at 8:30pm.

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