Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rolling Stones bore American Idol

     If you tuned in to tonight's American Idol on Fox, you may have been incredibly bored.  I sure was.  Whoever's idea it was to do a Rolling Stones week should be fired.  The Stones have plenty of great music, but it was not in evidence by tonight's performances.  By midway, I was fast forwarding through many of them.
     This season has had lots of imbalance.  For one, the girls far outshine the guys.  One has to wonder if this was done on purpose, as for the first time in American Idol history, two guys won the competition in a row the past two years.  That being said, there is still Big Mike, and occasionally others, who deliver.  They're just outshined by the girls.
     Crystal Bowersox is the clear front runner, of course.  It's her competition to lose.  She can sing circles around any of the other contestants, although Siobhan sure gave her a run for her money tonight.  However, Lilly Scott was the 2nd or 3rd best singer, and she was sent home incredibly prematurely last week.  How did Lilly go home, when people like Paige have stunk up the show four weeks running and are still there?  I actually wished for the Judge's Save, that lame trick they brought out last year and used poorly, to bring Lilly back and make a Top 13.
     Who will go home this week?  It's hard to say.  There are plenty of contestants I wouldn't miss:  Paige, Aaron, Paige, Andrew (despite his awesome Paula Abdul in Hollywood Week, he's done nothing notable since), Paige, Katie, Paige, Tim, did I mention Paige?  There are also some great ones, who should be sticking around for awhile: Crystal, Didi, Big Mike, Lacey, Siobhan, and NOT Paige.  America, do you hear what I'm saying?  Send Paige home!
     The results of this week's vote will be revealed tomorrow night at 8pm on Fox

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