Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Ugly Betty ditches the metal mouth and heads to London

   Ugly Betty has almost concluded it's four year run on ABC, but an important milestone was reached last week.  Betty (America Ferrera) got her braces taken off!  Kathy Najimy (Sister Act) was the orthodontist who got to do the honors, after a falling out with Betty's previous one, played creepily by Jesse Tyler Ferguson (Modern Family).  Of course, this being Betty, it was done in style, while the title character had her mouth stuck to a million dollar bra.

     I was slightly disappointed because most of this episode was fantasy, with Najimy playing a fairy godmother-type who showed Betty how her life would have been different if she had never worn the braces.  However, it was done to great effect.  Poor Justin (Mark Indelicato) was never born, Marc (Michael Urie) was the receptionist, Betty was evil, and Daniel (Eric Mabius) and Amanda (Becki Newton) were married, though they were cheating on each other.  This last bit was a little sad, as that is one couple I would kind of like to see end up together.

     That aside, the episode still managed to pack quite a bit of plot in around the dream sequences.  With the series finale looming, the plot involving Daniel and his family, as well Amanda's interaction with them, advanced quite a bit.  Betty's family also got some fun time, being there for Betty after the metal was out of her mouth.  It's a charming, quirky show, and there is nothing else like it on television, which is why it will be sorely missed when it's gone.

     In tomorrow night's episode, Betty will travel to London, England, where she will be reunited with best friend Christina (Ashley Jensen, Extras) and have a run-in with former flame Gio (Freddy Rodriguez, Six Feet Under).  As long as Betty gets one last encounter with Henry (Christopher Gorham), she will have a nice ending.  And it would be wise to bring back Daniel's brother/sister Alexis (Rebecca Romijn).

     Ugly Betty airs Wednesday nights on ABC at 9pm, but only for three more weeks.

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