Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Fly Girls low on altitude

     CW has a companion to it's new reality show High Society.  It's called Fly Girls, and premieres tomorrow, Wednesday, at 9:30pm.  Like HS, it attempts to be 'real', but even more so, it fails.  The flight attendants featured seem typical the way that Gossip Girl informs you about  typical New York high school students.  So, not really at all, unless you're in that tiny, elite group at the top.  The problem is, unlike HS, Fly Girls fails to provide one intriguing character.

     The series centers on five girls, who not only work together, but live together in the 'Crash Pad'.  It is presented as a house they all share rent for, but it comes across as a pad set up by the likes of MTV for them to dwell in while filming a low-class television show.  They all clash, hookup with passengers, and generally try to get their way.  Even the one with kid seems like a bad mom, video chatting for a few minutes a night while living it up in Los Angeles, instead of being there to raise the child.  There really is nothing positive I can say about this show.

     I hate to be so negative about a show, but having watched the first two episodes, I couldn't wait to stop.  I only finished them so that I could write this article, though I admit, I was already at the computer typing before the ending credits rolled.  The series is a complete waste of time, and hopefully, after reading this, you won't have to suffer actually watching it, as I did.  Though, if you actually like The Hills or its ilk, then go ahead and watch.  You very well may like it.

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