Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Some series already renewed for next season, others will be left hanging

     It has already started.  Networks have begun announcing which of our favorite television shows will be returning to the air waves next year.  Shows like Cougar Town, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory, The Good Wife, American Dad, Bones, Glee, Friday Night Lights, Parks & Recreation, 90210, Gossip Girl, and The Vampire Diaries have already been given that green light.  Many more shows will be told to wait, possibly even until summer, for a decision.  Ausiello at Entertainment Weekly keeps this handy score card up to date.  Below are some shows waiting for a decision, what their chances are, and why they should or should not be picked up.

Better Off Ted - Hilarious new show last spring, but wasted many episodes during the summer.  It's considered unlikely to be picked up, but it definitely should be.  Fresh and original.

Scrubs - The show basically had a series finale last year, and is back as a watered down "Med School" version.  It will likely be let go, and probably should be.

V / Flash Forward - One show started strong and got weak, the other did the opposite.  Unfortunately, ABC gave both very long breaks so the audience could forget about them.  Their pick up chances will depend upon their spring showings.

Medium - Moved over to CBS this season, the show has gone on a nice, long time.  Though Ausiello says it could go either way, it's been less interesting this season than in the past.  It may be time to end it.

24 - Many factors will go into the decision to get another year of Jack Bauer or not.  Among them, a film is already in the works for when the series ends.  I could always use another dose of Jack, but he has already saved the world eight times.  Since the character will surely live on, perhaps he should leave the small screen now.

Fringe - In it's second season, the series has failed to get great ratings, but Fox seems committed to keeping it on, and it has stayed mind boggling.  It needs another year.

Chuck - For the first time this show is listed as a 'safe bet'.  After struggling for three years, Chuck has finally found its fan base, and that is a well earned triumph.  Let's hope NBC doesn't wait too long to confirm it.

Life Unexpected - It's good, but is it good enough?  Ausiello says it can go either way, and as far as myself watching it, I could as well.

Smallville - Ratings wise, it's safe.  Creatively, it's also in a good place, yet again.  Question is, can the CW pay Tom Welling enough to stay?

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