Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Betty White: hotter than ever

     And by hotter, I mean in demand.  No offense to the former Golden Girl, and sure, she looks great for her age, but senior citizens aren't really my thing.  :)  However, big news on the heels of her Superbowl commercial success:  Betty White may soon be hosting Saturday Night Live!  This is more than a rumor, but it's not yet a done deal, either.  Yet, being the key word, as talks are currently in progress.
     The hub bub started with a facebook group. which at the time of this writing, had over 425,000 fans and is steadily climbing, started petitioning for her.  The 88 year old actress has surprisingly never hosted the long running sketch comedy.  However, with SNL in a slump, and White as amazing as ever, when would be a better time for the two to unite?  To help the aging star handle the workload of hosting the 90 minute program, it has been suggested that she bring out other Ladies of Comedy to assist.  Rumor is that former SNL cast members Molly Shannon, Amy Poehler, and the fantastic Tina Fey would be on board as her entourage.  As giddy as I would be for a White-hosted episode, imagining all of these wonderful comediennes together seems even better.
     White, who starred in such comedies as The Golden Girls, The Mary Tyler Moore Show, and Boston Legal certainly has the comedic chops to pull off such a project.  Fey (30 Rock) has been reportedly thinking about bringing back the hugely popular Sarah Palin impersonation.  Poehler's Parks and Recreation may easily be the most improved show this year.  And despite the failure of last season's Kath & Kim, we all know Shannon can handle the laughs.

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