Thursday, February 25, 2010

Colbert scores high at the Olympics

    As most people know by now, Stephen Colbert urged his Colbert Nation to step in and sponsor the USA Olympic Speed Skating Team when they lost their top donor.  As such, Colbert was named the Assistant Sports Psychologist for the team and got to attend the games in Vancouver these past two weeks.  This week, he is airing his show, The Colbert Report, from the games, which special Olympic "Vancouverage".      On Monday's first episode, Colbert spoke with his brother about what he could and could not say to keep him from getting sued while covering the games, as NBC paid a lot of money to be the sole network at hand.  However, despite all the amusing restrictions, and his brother's insistence that pretty much anything he did would be met with legal action, Colbert already had a deal worked out in advance, so any controversy is purely contrived.  That didn't stop it from making good entertainment.
     Part of the deal must have included an interview with NBC lead anchor for the games, Bob Costas, who not only did an interview with Colbert, put sat on a moose to the delight of the massive live crowd.  (Note: Colbert also sat down with Bob Costas on NBC last Wednesday).  Among others, Colbert also spoke with Olympic athletes Scott Hamilton, Ryan St. Onge, Lindsey Vonn, and Shaun White, the latter two having already earned medals this year.  Colbert also showed himself fulfilling his duty as Assistant Psychologist, as well as partying at other countries's houses, especially Ireland.  Generally, Colbert seems to be having much fun with his usual trademark egotism, and Canada, despite his digs on them in recent weeks, loves him for it.  The crowds at his outside segments are immense.
     If you like The Colbert Report, you should love this week's episodes.  And if you have never tuned into Colbert, but are interested in the Olympics, tonight would be a good time to try him out.  Colbert's coverage will conclude tonight at 11:30 on Comedy Central (channel 60 analog, 148 digital cable, or 249 satellite here in Lexington) as he interviews Shani Davis and Seth Wescott.
     The best way to watch The Colbert Report, of course, is in High Definition, but Lexington's Insight Cable declines to air Comedy Central in HD.  To request that they start, as I have done several times, please go to this link.  While you're there, please also request the CW in HD.  It isn't even cable!  Most cities already have the CW in HD.

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