Monday, February 22, 2010

It's Monday and that means House, but not this week

     It is Monday and that means House, right?  Unfortunately, not this week.  Or next.  Fox will air episodes of the popular drama, but they are reruns, not new ones.  As a recent House convert (I devoured the entire series this summer and was caught up by October), I am disappointed not to get a new chapter.  After all, this season has been one of the show's best, beginning with Gregory House's (Hugh Laurie) stint in a mental hospital, up through Dr. Chase (Jesse Spencer) getting relevant again, to the departure of Cameron (Jennifer Morrison), and culminating in last week's Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) -centric episode, one of the best hours of drama on any show.
     In fact, I have to take a moment and marvel at the Cuddy episode, entitled "5 to 9".  It was a day in the life of the hospital's administrator, with House and his team moving in and out of her scope only periphery.  Considering the actress playing her is marvelously talented, it was amazing to see her get such a meaty script. I cheered with her in triumph at the end when she got what she wanted from the insurance giant, a story making our national health care debate all the more relevant when seen played out in such a form.  Kudos to everyone involved!  More Cuddy story will be forthcoming, as series creator David Shore has stated that House and Cuddy will be eventually getting together romantically, a development many fans will welcome.
     What has caused this resurgence in a show that has reinvented itself before?  It is important to keep any series fresh, and that was done in a huge way when after season three, all three of House's staff were off the case.  While remaining in the theme song, their plots were mostly small as House spent most of the year having a competition among potential replacements.  Now two are fully reinstated, and the two new one left from the contest are also integrated on the team.  Despite the first two hours of this season focusing on only House, each member of the cast has had much more to do lately than ever, and it's made for a great ensemble drama.  Add to that, rumors are circulating that Dr. Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) first wife, who will soon be making her first appearance (April 19th), and played by Lost alum Cynthia Watros, may up for a full time contract by next season, House is certainly setting itself apart from other medical shows.
     What's next for House?  I can't say for sure, but it's likely to be exciting.  Watch for House to return soon Mondays at 8pm on Fox.

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