Sunday, February 28, 2010

Modern Family goes, ugh, Hawaiin

       Many shows have played the vacation card during their runs, and Hawaii is a frequent target (think The Brady Bunch).  ABC's freshman comedy turns out to be no different.  Apparently, the cast and crew are hopping a plane to the island state this week to film an episode that will air near the end of the season in May.  It's actually the second half of a two parter, the first taking place in the airport before they leave.    The trip was kind of accidental, as the staff felt let down after doing the airport thing that we wouldn't get to see the family it the tropical setting.
     Uh, sure.  I buy that.  Certainly everyone involved just didn't want to get a little fun and sun.  Yes, they're still working, but who wouldn't want to jet off for some R & R at the end of a long season?  The question is, is this more gimmick or flimsy excuse?  Rarely do shows go off to some distant locale because it improves the story.  Sure, the wedding of the janitor on the beach on Scrubs was fun, but was it necessary for them to go there?  Not really.  Travel episodes of long running shows are usually a disappointment, at least in my opinion.
     They have a plot this time, too.  It's Jay's (Ed O'Neill, Married with Children) birthday and he wants to go away for a romantic time with his young, virile wife, Gloria (Sofia Vergara, The Knights of Prosperity).  Instead, she has decided to spring the rest of his family on him.  Lame.  Yes, this particular TV family may be the current funniest on television.  Every episode so far has killed with laughs, and honestly, the airport plot sounds quite amusing.  Who knows?  They might pull it off.  I am just hugely disappointed with the cheap gag of going to Hawaii.  What an unnecessary stunt for such a well made show.
     Modern Family, which is generally very much worth watching, airs on ABC Wednesdays at 9pm.

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