Thursday, February 4, 2010

House is about to get Lost

     Good news, everyone!  Lost alum Cynthia Watros, who played the ill fated Libby, will be joining the cast of Fox's House for at least several episodes starting this coming April.  For those who loves the blond on the island, romancing everyman Hurley (Jorge Garcia), you'll love her taking a turn as Wilson's (Robert Sean Leonard) girlfriend.  You'll love even more the back story between the two.

     As fans of House know, Wilson has had real relationship issues, where he immediately falls deeply in love with the woman he is dating.  And he's always trying to save her from something.  Cynthia's character will actually be the first of Wilson's three ex-wives, and she has come back into her life.  This should provide some interesting and unexpected back story on House's (Hugh Laurie) best friend, who hasn't had a significant love interest since Amber, (Anne Dudek, Big Love, Mad Men) a.k.a. Cutthroat B*tch, died.

     The burning questions will be: How has Wilson changed since Amber?  Has he gotten any better at dating without saving?  And will House feel threatened, as he often does, when someone else comes into his bromance?

     Watros has also starred in The Drew Carey Show and Titus, and won a Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress for her work in the soap opera Guiding Light.

     House airs every Monday at eight pm on Fox.

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