Thursday, April 1, 2010

V: Welcome to the Cheese

    This week's installment of ABC's V, the first after a very long hiatus, was called "Welcome to the War".  Unfortunately, it felt a lot like the pilot, where there might have been a grain of something good in there somewhere, but it was well hidden.  The first episode of the series was very similar, however, the other three episodes aired last fall were quite good.  That means to me that the show may be good again in the next few weeks, but I wouldn't guarantee it.

     What really didn't work for me was the recruitment of the mercenary / terrorist, Hobbes (Charles Mesure,Crossing Jordan), over to the small resistance cell four of the characters have formed.  While he seems to be a very tough man, he allowed Erica (Elizabeth Mitchell, Lost) to call in his location to the FBI.  Then he went with Erica and Ryan (Morris Chestnut) back to the church, though they had offered him no payment for his services.  The resistance then tried to appeal to him on a personal level, which, of course, they should have been smart enough to see wouldn't work.  Lastly, Ryan showing Hobbes that he was a V alien won him over very suddenly.  The whole thing seemed a bad joke, and poorly written.

      Also, why hasn't Erica come clean about everything to her son Tyler (Logan Huffman) yet?  She knows that the V are bad news, that they are extremely dangerous.  Sure, she knew they were watching her in that final discussion scene, so she didn't want to let on, but if she were smart, and her character is supposed to be, it's time for her to grab Tyler, tell him the whole truth, and go underground.  Otherwise, her son could easily be lost to her.  So why is she dragging her feet and avoiding telling him?  It's less dangerous to let him hang out with the V then to bring him in the loop?  I don't think so.

     I'd also like to mention that Father Jack (Joel Gretsch, The 4400) was stabbed by a specialized V weapon, which did not look like a typical knife.  But the V doctors who healed him didn't notice this?  Really?  With all their sophistication, they couldn't spot damage from an unearthly weapon?  Because I also watch Bones, and they can do that right now, with current earth technology and expertise.

     What the show did do well, though, are the V themselves.  Anna (Morena Baccarin, Serenity) is chillingly cold as she sets events into motion.  At the end, where she mates and then kills the male, shows the true colors that have been boiling barely below her visage.  Equally wonderful and emotionless is her daughter Lisa (Laura Vandervoot, Smallville).  Lisa handles Tyler perfectly, and between the two, it is clear that we are dealing with a very different race from humans.  If only the human characters showed the same realness and depth.

     V airs on ABC Tuesday nights at 10pm, and has eight episodes left in the series first season. 

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