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Monday, April 19, 2010

Desperate Housewives's mystery a little anti-climatic

      Last night, ABC's Desperate Housewives solved a major mystery, possibly.  Julie (Andrea Bowen) was strangled and almost died last fall, but the person who attacked her was never caught.  While most theories went towards the familiar, or the new family in town, the revelation of a strangler last night may have been the answer to the long-running mystery.  Next week's preview promises a serial killer on the lane.  But if the same guy who killed Irina (Helena Mattsson) did attack Julie, the question is, why?  There was motivation for Irina, but we haven't seen Julie talk to the boy.  Besides, I couldn't even find the actor's name that played him.  He wasn't yet added to imdb,, or other sources that I checked.  So who really cares?

     Luckily, some of the other plots are getting much more interesting.  I don't think Sam (Sam Page, Shark) is even Bree's (Marcia Cross) stepson.  His tricky ways to discredit others almost cost Bree her livelihood.  Did he do it just because he was jealous of the family he never had?  Or, like I said, is he not really related, and has other dark reasons for trying to sabotage her?

     Mike (James Denton) got himself into some big trouble, going into deep dead and having his truck repossessed.  How did that happen?  We haven't seen him do anything that cost a ton of money, but he told Carlos (Ricardo Chavira) that this had been going on for the past year.  Obviously, there is more to this subplot, and hopefully it won't be long before those answers come.

     This year's newbies on the block are close to having the lid blown off all their secrets.  Patrick (John Barrowman, Torchwood) has arrived and looks to be considering a kidnapping after deciding not to kill Angie (Drea de Matteo).  Fans of the former Sopranos star, though, don't get too relieved.  Rumor on the net is that she will bite the big one before the season closes.  It's too bad.  With the probable eminent departure of Katherine (Dana Delany), Angie would be poised to actually stick.  Seems the block just can't bring itself to permanently add a fifth desperate housewife to it's clique.

     Saddest of all may be the breakup of the gay couple, Bob (Tuc Watkins, One Life to Live) and Lee (Kevin Rahm, Judging Amy).  It was great to see the pair get more screen time and development this season.  I hope Lee comes back to Bob soon, and isn't gone from the show for good.  I was also not pleased with talk of them moving away.  That may still happen.

     Of course, all the plot twists can be witnessed by tuning in to Desperate Housewives Sunday nights at 9pm on ABC.

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