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Thursday, April 1, 2010

Breaking: Lost canceled, finale won't be filmed

      Several sources within ABC confirm that Lost has been canceled, effective immediately, due to low ratings.  This was supposed to be Lost's sixth and final season, with fans getting the answers to the mysteries they've been waiting six year to find out.  Instead, despite massive hype, ABC doesn't feel the ratings are worth it to film the very high-budget series finale that was planned.  And so, they've scrapped it all together.

     What killed Lost?  Well, while lots of people are watching it, Lost's viewers tend to be younger.  Hence, we tune in on DVRs and online.  Unfortunately, those numbers don't figure into the ratings.  Only people who watch it live are counted.

     And what about all the various plots that have not been tied up?  Fans of Lost are nothing if not rabid, and how will they react to being cheated out of the final answers the show has to offer?  Only time will tell, but expect large write-in campaigns, as well as demonstrations.  This may go down as the biggest mistake in network television history.

     The show runners, Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof, have been asked for their opinions, and both are deeply disappointed, but say that their hands are tied.  A feature film may be considered down the road, but not for at least give years, per contracts that both signed with ABC Productions, which does not make movies, and so can't reap the financial benefits of such a move.

     It is a sad, sad day for television.
And if you are still reading, cheer up.  Happy April Fool's Day!

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