Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Brothers & Sisters does the time warp

     ABC's Brothers & Sisters returned from a short hiatus for a two hour episode this week, and there were plenty of surprises.  The episode was called "Time After Time", and for the first hour and twenty minutes or so, we got flashes of the siblings in their younger days.  Specifically, when most were in their teens, on a night that rocked the family and changed their lives.  The thing is, none of the kids knew what really happened that night until this episode, and the really big twist was not obvious.  Unfortunately, most of the casting of their younger selves felt false and pretty off base, the one exception being Sarah (usually played by Rachel Griffiths).  And those long ago scenes were far from the best ones in the episode, though some of them were slightly fun.

     The story changed Kevin (Matthew Rhys), as he was the one that did the very bad thing.  Accidentally, he pushed a guy, and paralyzed him for life.  Nora (Sally Field) covered up the entire thing, providing for the boy, but lying to her children.  Now we know what the mysterious Dennis York (Peter Gerety) was holding over Nora to try to force her family to sell their shares in the family business, though we still don't know why he wanted them so badly.

     On the topic of this season's mystery, much was developed in that, as well.  The budding friendship between Nora and Holly (Patricia Wettig) is fun and sweet, and was taken to whole new levels as they teamed up to break the law and figure out what their deceased mutual lover was up to back in 1973.  Instead, they did discover what their two children were up to.

     The show's couple who has faced the most obstacles also found time in the jam-packed two hours to take a huge leap forward themselves.  Poor Justin (Dave Annable) and Rebecca (Emily VanCamp), after having their beach wedding interrupted months earlier, eloped, only to find their mothers bust in on their secret honeymoon.  To make matters worst, moments later other family, and then the police, showed up, and the aforementioned women were carted to jail.  That has to go down as one of the worst honeymoon's ever.  And they took it in such good humor.

     It was a wonderful episode, with all the best elements of Brothers & Sisters, a fast pace, and plenty of story development.  Brothers & Sisters regularly airs Sunday nights at 10pm on ABC.

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