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Friday, December 11, 2009

If a Tiger cheated in the Woods...

     Everyone in America is obsessed with Tiger Woods right now.  He's been all over the news, talk radio, late night chat shows since his car accident and subsequent adultery revelations.  There are articles about him in every newspaper and on every online site. already has plenty, and they top the popularity list.  Though I thought I was about to enjoy my weekend, I guess I am jumping into the fray and joining the band wagon before I relax.

     I am the Lexington TV Examiner, and as such I feel I need to tie this story into my topic.  That's easy.  The one place Tiger Woods is not right now is on television commercials.  While sponsors have just begun to drop Woods, many are still sticking behind him, but none are running ads featuring the golfer.  According to CNN, there has not been a single commercial aired this month yet with Tiger Woods in it.  I, for one, am equal parts relieved and disappointed.  Relieved, because Tiger is not totally dominating my world.  Disappointed because commercials are the one thing on TV I pay very little attention to.  That's why I have two TiVos.

     It bothers me quite a bit that everyone is talking non-stop about Tiger.  I couldn't care less that he had an affair, or many.  I don't follow sports, so maybe I just don't understand the need to keep up with athletes.  However, I really don't care when any famous personality has an affair.  It's not that I support going outside the marriage.  Quite the opposite.  I just don't understand how this is news.  How does this story affect you in any way, except that you don't get to see Tiger pop up in between scenes of your favorite television show?

     I realize I have no hope of changing the culture.  Throughout human history, the masses have always been obsessed with the well known personalities.  In the internet age, where information is instant and constant, it's only gotten worse.  And if you are reading my article, it's probably because you were searching out the topic, and may have already clicked away, frustrated at my condemnations.  Let me say, I do not think ill of you if you have been one of the many thus far.  However, I beg of you, reconsider how you spend your time.  I think it likely I may regret the few minutes it took me to type this up.  I could have been watching Bones instead.

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