Monday, December 7, 2009

Housewives leaves on another cliffhanger

     ABC's Desperate Housewives bowed out for the calendar year last night with a 'big event'.  Though reports of a place crash were prevalent on the internet ahead of time, it was not a large liner (as indicated by an early false rumor that it might be an Oceanic Airlines plane that came down) that landed in the street, but a small two-seater.  This must be the most unlucky block in the country, already hit by a tornado, multiple murders, suicide, hit and runs, etc.  Predictably, it took out the woman about to cause huge issues for one of the housewives, newcomer Angie (Joey's Drea de Matteo).  It also killed at least one other in the Santa house, but of course, Mark Cherry will leave us hanging until January to find out who.  It is unlikely that Bree (Marcia Cross) died, but Orson (Kyle MacLachlan, Sex and the City), or more likely, Karl (Richard Burgi), has also bitten the dust.  After the tornado cliffhanger, its more frustrating than exciting waiting to find out for sure.

     This season has only been all right so far.  On the good side, the fued between the Scavos (Felicity Huffman and Doug Savant) and the Soliss (Eva Longoria Parker and Ricardo Chavira) has been handled in such a way where no one is demonized, but you can still see how they would have had such a falling out.  The suspense has been built, with both sides acting in reasonable manners, but still managing to make things worse.  Surely, this fight will be over post-crash, especially since Lynette (Huffman) saved the Solis daughter as the plane came down.  Also, the addition of the new neighbors (de Matteo and Jeffrey Nordling) has been interesting and mysterious.  The couple is likable, and hopefully whatever their issues are, they will be able to work them out and stay on the block.  Plus, Karen (Kathryn Joosten, The West Wing) is appearing more than ever, and even has a love interest!

     On the other hand, the return full time of Julie (Andrea Bowen) has been less than satisfactory.  The wise teenager who parented her mother has turned into a whiny adulterer.  The delightfully complex Andrew (Shawn Pyfrom) is gone with almost no explanation.  And Katherine (Dana Delany), the first new housewife that could have rivaled the originals, has sunk into a dark, sad, depression-fueled mental condition.  It's sad, really.  So much wasted potential in that character.  There have also been mini-episodes during the commercials, but they have been completely uninteresting.

     Will the show pick back up in January?  It looks like many of the plots of this year are resolved or close to it, but there is plenty more to come.  Given the ratings and long term contracts, it looks like Wisteria Lane has plenty more chances to get things right, as they have done more often than not in the past.

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