Friday, December 11, 2009

Glee Triumphant!

     Fox's Glee went on intermission last night, and like most intermissions, it is far too long.  They will be taking seventeen long weeks off before returning in April, and it will be the longest wait of many television viewer's lives...  Ok, perhaps I am exaggerating the situation a little, but you'll forgive, as I just finished viewing the finale episode moments ago, and it was knock-your-socks-and-shoes-and-everything-else-off fantastic.

     The show centers on McKinley High School's Glee Club.  While McKinley High School in Ohio is real, the series doesn't actually resemble the real place, but for an Ohioian like me (I lived in Ohio all of my life until two months ago), it doesn't matter.  It's a thrill to simply be referenced.  The club is led by Will Schuester (Matthew Morrison), who finally has gotten rid of his annoying, scheming, shallow wife, Terri (Jessalyn Gilsig, Heroes) and overcome all obstacles.  Will got to end the final episode of the fall kissing the woman he was always meant to be with, school guidance counselor, Emma Pillsbury (Jayma Mays, also of Heroes).  Of course, Will is not yet divorced, but hopefully, that will soon be corrected.  If you aren't a fan and you think he has no excuse to be kissing anyone when he's married, keep in mind that his wife lied to him about being pregnant, and he had already told her it was over.  However, what the ramifications will be for Emma's recent ex-fiance, Ken (Patrick Gallagher, Night at the Museum).  Rounding out the adults is the villain of the show, cheerleader coach Sue Sylvester, played by the inestimable Jane Lynch.  While Sue did finally get her comeuppance, she will be returning for revenge, and to highly entertain everyone.  I submit, she may be the best part of the show, and that is saying something.

     Moving on to the students themselves, almost all of whom were virtual unknowns before being cast, my favorite is Kurt (Chris Colfer), who continues to get too little screen time, but has some of the most moving plot.  The one I give best scene to in this final episode, though, is Mercedes (Amber Riley).  I submit that her performance of "I Am Telling You" rivaled even Jennifer Hudson's.  She got to stand up to the head diva, and come out gracefully.  That diva, of course, is Rachel (Lea Michele) who single-handedly won Sectionals before the others opened their mouths with her opening number "Don't Rain On My Parade".  It doesn't matter that she didn't get her guy yet.  Now that Finn (Cory Monteith, Kyle XY) found out that Quinn (Dianna Agron, yet again, Heroes) is actually pregnant with Puck's (Mark Salling) baby, he will certainly be hers by the time the show returns.  Speaking of Finn, his shining moment was more quarterback than soloist, but it works for him.  It was wonderful to see some of the background students get a little plot, too, concerning who betrayed the club.

     It will come to no surprise to anyone that the kids took first place at Sectionals and will be moving on to Regionals.  The question is, why would Fox put such a popular show on the back burner for such a long time?  With American Idol returning, I realize that many hours of prime time will be gone, but couldn't they find an hour somewhere?  The good news is, there are nine more episodes slated for this year, so presumably it will run well into June.  I guess that means this break will be longer than next summer's, and that certainly brings me Glee.

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