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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Felicia Day can Lie to Me anytime

     Is this the beginning of a larger arc for Felicia Day (Dr. Horrible's Sing-Along Blog) on a major network program?  It is unknown for sure how much Day may play a part of Fox's Lie To Me, but after their recent season finale in which she was clearly very smitten with Eli (Brendan Hines), the door is certainly open for her to come back.  The question is, will the show even come back?  After a popular thirteen episode first season, premiering in January last year, the show was only picked up for ten episodes this fall, the last of which was the episode Day appeared in.  While Fox has announced that it wants an additional nine episodes, a return date has not been announced.

     Day, creator and star of the very popular web show, The Guild, could do better, certainly.  The show is a formula crime drama, the twist being that the team the show centers on can read faces.  Sure, that part is different from most other shows, and formula dramas certainly have their place in American culture.  But I prefer something more consistently original, different, that keeps you guessing.  Lie To Me does not do that.  I watched this week's episode, the first I'd seen since early in the first season, and it was entertaining.  They certainly deliver that basic framework in a compelling way.  I just could not stay entertained week after week by the same thing.  And Felicia Day is a great actress, worthy of a show that gives her a chance to show her talent.  I mean, have you seen her web music video hit, "Do You Want to Date My Avatar"???

     In this week's episode, Day played a schoolteacher who brought her children to the building where Dr. Lightman's (Tim Roth) team works.  Because of a bomb threat right outside, she and her charges are placed in a conference room, and the teacher and Eli have to keep them entertained.  The series did right by Felicia by giving her a charming duet to sing with Eli, the highlight of the episode.  Day was, as usual, sweet, adorable, and very talented.  She conveyed fear without panic, and emotion without a lot of dialogue.  It wasn't a huge role, but she played it well.  If she were hired on a recurring basis, as a steady love interest, it might be enough to get me to watch the show.  Or at least TiVo it and fast forward to any scene with Felicia Day in it.

     Full disclosure: I do not know Felicia and no one has paid me or even asked me to write this article, other than my normal royalties.  I, like most other even remotely geeky men in the world in their twenty's, am just smitten with her.

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