Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Bones's Christmas Visitor

     Recently, Fox's Bones went away for 2009, but it ended on a high note.  The biggest story was the guest star appearance of Zooey Deschanel, Emily Deschanel's real life sister, playing Brennan's cousin.  Several characters commented that they "looked like sisters", and this is why.  I make no secret of the fact that of all the celebrities in Hollywood, Zooey is my dream girl, especially after I heard her sing in Elf.  If you aren't familiar with her work, I would recommend checking out her many movies and her album under the band name She & Him, entitled Volume One.  Her appearance as the habitually quoting Benjamin Franklin relative was wonderfully fun, and hopefully she will return to clash with Brennan again.

     The episode, though, was not just about Zooey.  Brennan is finally starting to wake up to reality, and her finding the holiday spirit was certainly a bright spot.  The series started strong and has only gotten better.  Why Emily has not been nominated for anything for playing the brash, blunt Bones remains a mystery.  Her slowly blossoming romance with her partner, Booth (David Boreanaz, Angel) is surely to credit for her softening, and it seems to finally be going somewhere.  This season, Booth has been dealing with his feeling for her, though not actually talking to her about them.  Surely, they feeling is mutual, as Brennan defended him to her cousin, saying she found him "pleasant to look at".  Hopefully, after five season, the wait may almost be over.  Though, I wouldn't hold my breath for it to happen before the end of the season.

     The only complaints I have with the episode deal with two of the supporting characters.  The entire plot where Cam (Tamara Taylor) adopted a daughter has been strained.  It was sort of unrealistic to begin with, and while I applaud the show's writers for giving the character some plot in her personal life, I question the method in which it was done.  Fans were slow to warm up to Cam when she joined the cast in season two, but by this point, she is accepted and deserves a bit more.  Secondly, while Sweets (John Francis Daley, Freaks and Geeks) has been an absolute joy to see added to the cast, his girlfriend Daisy (Carla Gallo, named Daisy as well on Californication), also a welcome addition in the rotating pot of assistants, seemed to loose all character this week.  The abnormally hyperactive woman was kicked out of the program for too much enthusiasm, and this was dealt with in her last appearance, where she earned her way back in.  However, while this episode had much to get to without giving her development, in her sixth appearance she seems totally normal.  This was a mistake, and should it continue, she would no longer be needed or wanted on the show.  Please fix Daisy quickly!

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