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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Grey's gets Private

    Last week, in both of their first episodes of 2010, Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice did a "Crossover Event".  What that means for these two ABC shows, who do this about once a year or so, is that Addison Montgomery (Kate Walsh, The Drew Carey Show) returns back to Seattle Grace, the hospital she worked at before getting her own spin off, and then someone goes back to Los Angeles with her for the second hour.  It's not really a true crossover, in my opinion.  I would rather they do a two hour, interconnected story instead of keeping their characters so segregated.  Once, Addison brought some friends with her on her visit, and a couple of patients have made the trip, but it's still always a little bit of a let down, more so now that Addison has almost been in L.A. longer than she was as Seattle.

     That aside, both shows have really stepped up their game this season.  As I mentioned before the holidays,  Private Practice has been improving, and now with the growing relationship between Addison and Sam, (Taye Diggs, Rent) things seem to be finally growing and changing.  Dell (Chris Lowell, Veronica Mars) is getting over his dead wife, Pete (Tim Daly, Wings) is becoming a great father, and Violet (Amy Brenneman, Judging Amy) is starting to get over last season's tragedy.  The only story not doing it for me is the messy melt down between Cooper (Paul Adelstein, Prison Break) and Charlotte (KaDee Strickland, The Wedding Bells).  They have always been rocky, the basis of their relationship from an internet sex chat room, but it appears to be finally over, and that is very sad.  Perhaps the writers decided they couldn't keep it fresh, but the two of them had always been so good together, it's a real shame.

     On the Grey's front, another wonderful relationship has ended, with Mark (Eric Dane, Marley & Me) and Lexie (Chyler Leigh, The Practice) calling it quits over his pregnant teenage daughter, Sloan (Levin Rambin, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles).  It's terrible news, as she had really humanized and grew his character in ways he needed.  I was kind of rooting for Mark to stay with Addison in L.A., but since she's getting closer to Sam, I guess the timing just wasn't right for them.  Instead, he needs to try to win Lexie back, especially if his daughter gives the kid up for adoption.  Or better yet, perhaps Mark will adopt his own grandchild.  Either way, any path to get the two back together will be difficult because of Mark's recent tryst with Addison, and while he was away, Lexie also feel into the bed with Alex (Justin Chambers).  Oh, and Cristina (Sandra Oh, Sideways) was willing to give up Owen (Kevin McKidd, Rome) just to keep her heart goddess, Teddy (Kim Raver, 24, Lipstick Jungle)?  WTF?  (Side note, Kim Raver was recently picked up as a full time cast member.)

     Tonight's Grey's will feature the return of former doctor Izzie Stevens (Katherine Heigl, Knocked Up).  We'll see how she reacts when she found out that Alex cheated on her, though she has abandoned him pretty much since the wedding, so he's not entirely to blame.  Down the coast, Sam and Naomi (Audra McDonald, A Raisin in the Sun) will find out that their own teenage daughter is pregnant!  Oh, the drama!

     The two shows, both created by Shonda Rhimes, air Thursdays, including tonight, on ABC at 9 and 10pm.

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