Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Getting intimate with Aziz Ansari

     Comedian Aziz Ansari has come a long way in a short amount of time.  Most people had never heard of him when he created, wrote, produced, and starred in the MTV series Human Giant in 2007.  Shortly thereafter, he briefly joined the cast of Scrubs last year as the intern Ed, part of a new class that mostly did not take hold, although he left by choice.  Now he stars in the NBC comedy Parks and Recreation as Tom Haverford and has several movies under his belt, including I Love You, Man and Funny People.  He also has a three film deal with Judd Apatow and Universal Pictures.

     This past week, Aziz premiered a new Comedy Central special entitled Intimate Moments for a Sensual Evening, and it is clear to anyone who tuned in how he has achieved what he has.  Whether he was griping about misleading threat count labels on sheets, or punking his little cousin, Harrison, on facebook, Aziz led the jokes through surprisingly, original, and hilarious twists and turns.  He was especially funny as he relayed a story of giving blowjobs for concert tickets and an annoying roommate.  In fact, there were practically no flops in the entire hour and fifteen minute special.  His tales of hanging out with Kanye and R. Kelly were equally entertaining, and while he didn't do much in the way of impressions, he definitely painted the picture effectively.  Not only was the audience on television in stitches, but my wife and I were as well, watching from our couch at home.  If you aren't aware who Aziz is, this is a great way to get to sample his humor.

     The only low point to the special was the last two segments, featuring Aziz as his character Raaaaaaaandy from the movie Funny People.  Apparently he created the obnoxious sex-aholic specifically for the film, and it gained much popularity with internet shorts promoting it.  In fact, a Raaaaaaaandy movie is currently in development.  Basically, Raaaaaaaandy's jokes are similar to Aziz's, but the character is way too overconfident, and kind of a jerk.  I found this segment not nearly as funny, and wished that the special had ended when Aziz said goodnight just before the commercial break.

     The DVD and CD of the special come out today, and are on sale now.  The special is next airing on Comedy Central this Friday evening at 8pm.

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