Wednesday, January 20, 2010

White Collar remains must-see

     Back in October I raved about USA's newest series, White Collar.  What I didn't write about was that three weeks later, I gave it up.  It fell into the rut that most of the network's dramas do, where the case of the week was much more important than the overall story, and that was a huge disappointment to me.  However, with a new premiere looming and rumors that the fall finale had been game changing, I decided to review both where the show left off, and where it picked up again last night.  It made me wish I had never canceled my season pass, which has been restored to the TiVo.

     While each week Neal (Matthew Bomer, Chuck) is still doing the FBI's dirty work, the drama about his missing girl, Kate, (All My Children's Alexandra Daddario) has become more prominent.  She is still around, working for (willfully or not is still a mystery) a crooked agent.  What's more, the mid-season finale left viewers thinking that the man behind the curtain was Neal's partner, Peter (Tim DeKay, Carnivale).  While this would have completely changed the tone and action of the series, and part of me is still wishing it had been true, last night's episode revealed that it is not Peter, but he is onto the real baddie, and remains committed to helping Neal with the issue, though he is suspicious of Kate's motivations.

     Another element I am really enjoying is the developing relationship between Neal and Peter's wife, Elizabeth (Tiffani Thiessen, Saved By the Bell, Beverly Hills 90210).  It is not sexual, but a good friendship that is blossoming.  That Neal often goes to Elizabeth when he begins to doubt Peter, or turns to her when he can't rely on Peter, speaks volumes about the two.  It is a welcome intimacy not often found on television: friendship between straight members of the opposite sex without additional urges.  It may be the number one reason I recommend this show.

     White Collar also stars two other delightful actors: Sex in the City alum, Willie Garson and former The Middleman lead, Natalie MoralesWhite Collar airs on the USA Network Tuesday nights at 10pm.

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