Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Simon Cowell's last American Idol

     Despite the fact that it will rob us of our beloved Glee until April, most Americans are glad to see American Idol return to Fox for yet another round of the singing talent competition.  It is is advisable to tune in tonight as the judges travel to Boston (and tomorrow in Atlanta), as this may be the last great season of the ratings smash hit.

     Let's be honest, shall we?  Everyone will miss Paula Abdul, who left her position as judge this season.  But the only real reason to tune in is to watch Simon Cowell deliver his honest and scathing criticism.  Fox and Cowell confirmed yesterday that this will be his final season judging the show.  While rumors circulated that he was playing chicken, hoping to renegotiate his contract to allow him to bring The X Factor over from Britain, as it was forbidden under current terms, his press release today left no doubt that that was not the reason for his leaving.  Yes, he will be launching an American X Factor in 2011 on Fox, but he felt he did not have enough time to do both.  Buzz on the street is that Cowell may offer former co-host Paula Abdul a berth at his side on the new show, and that would certainly make it worth watching.  If he steals host Ryan Seacrest as well, X Factor will surely take Idol's place as our favorite television show.

      What will be left when Simon leaves Idol?  Well, the only original judge on the panel will be Randy Jackson, the one who contributes least to the process.  Last year, a fourth judge, Kara DioGuardi, came on board, and despite her huge song writing talent, turned out to be just as useless in her televised position.  However, as of right now, Seacrest may still be around, and Paula's replacement once the show makes it to Hollywood this year is funny lady Ellen Degeneres.  It is too early to know whether she will be entertaining, but smart money is on 'yes'.  If Seacrest and Ellen remain, there may be something worth watching, though surely X Factor will beat it soundly.

     Anyway, we still have lots of time to enjoy the nation's favorite past time.  This year, anyway, it will deliver the same fun and snarkiness we American have become accustomed to.  Tune in tonight and tomorrow on Fox.

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