Saturday, June 18, 2011

The Whitest Kids U'Know ends series

The Whitest Kids U' Know: The Complete First Season     IFC's odd sketch show The Whitest Kids U'Know came to an end last night after five seasons. In the final, there were four sketches. In the first, a kid yelled for his mom to come to the phone very loudly and repeatedly, only to discover she was at the grocery store. The second has a new news reporter starting who is very ditsy, and coupled with an airhead field reporter, drive the veteran anchor to quit. Thirdly, a college sophomore comes out to her parents, who shrug it off, but go ballistic when their son says he's gay. And last, the season-long continuing sketch, "The Civil War on Drugs," ends with the heroes getting to speak to President Lincoln, only to find out the entire thing has been a huge misunderstanding.

     The "Mom Phone" sketch is compeltely dumb and pointless. While The Whitest Kids U'Know sometimes does sketches along these lines, they are rarely welcome, and it makes for a terrible opening to their finale episode.

     "It Was Pretty Good," the name of the second segment, as well as the catchphrase the field reporter keeps uttering is a bit better, but far from great. It's not a bad concept or commentary on the state of local news, but runs on a bit too long, and becomes a tad boring. It would work better as a much shorter sketch.

     "Sophomores" is laugh out loud hilarious, easily the best part of the night. Not only does it poke fun at the stereotype that many women go through a lesbian phase that doesn't last in college, but it also exposes a double standard, as well as pervasive homophobia in an older generation. There are many layers and aspects to this seemingly straight forward bit, and it makes viewers think as well as chuckle. It's a brilliant example of social commentary, something The Whitest Kids U'Know touch on from time to time, but rarely committ to, as they seem to be more about random giggles than changing the world. Sure, the characters do go a bit over the top, but it's a fine piece of writing.

     It's hard to decide if "The Civil War on Drugs" is a huge accomplishment, certainly being the longest running sketch ever to be done on the series, or waste of time banality. In the end, (spoiler alert!) the North wins the war, and it's about slavery, not legalizing pot. Opinon begins to sway towards the former conclusion as President Lincoln berates the two men in his office for thinking pot might be illegal. After all, it's against every thing our forefathers stood for to impune personal rights without just cause. Another commentary of current society, it points out that idiocy of making marijuana against the law. It should resonate well with loyal fans of the series.

     Thank you to Trevor Moore, Sam Brown, Darren Trumeter, Zach Cregger, Timmy Williams, and anyone else working on the show for five mostly funny years. The Whitest Kids U'Know will be missed.

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