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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Hijos del Carnaval on DVD

Hijos Del Carnaval S1 & S2     New on DVD from Maya Entertainment and HBO Latin America Originals is Hijos del Carnaval Seasons 1 and 2 in one box set. The title translates as Sons of Carnaval. Set in Rio de Janeiro, Brazi, and acted in Portuguese, this DVD set provides English and Spanish subtitles. Season one is a six episode miniseries, and season two provides another seven installments of the popular show.

     The series is gritty and authentic, taking place in the underworld of the city, partially during Carnaval. Anésio Gebara is the head of a crime syndicate, as well as the owner of a samba school for cover. He runs the Animal Lottery, and illegal game where he makes most of his money. Anésio has four sons, but his favorite is Anesinho (Felipe Camargo, Paixoes Proibidas). But on Anésio's 75th birthday, Anesinho shoots himself in the heart, ending his own life. Anésio is devastated.

     This event is the trigger for the series, in which the other three sons, definitely from different mothers, all compete to become Anésio's new favorite. Brown (Rodrigo dos Santos, Beleza Pura, Passione) plays a mean drume, Claudinho (Enrique Diaz, Bendito Fruto) is a businessman, and Nilo (Thogun, Smoke Gets in Your Eyes) is his father's protector. Each must figure out where they fit in the scheme of things, and how they can contribute to the world. Of course, this is not easy, and there are many stumbles as they make mistakes and form alliances on the way to figuring out who they are and where they belong.

     Visually, it's a wonderful series. There are many spectacular views of scenery, as well as realistic ones of the slums these characters live and work in. The whole thing cluminates in a colorful, high energy parade in which the samba school is participating.

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