Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rhett & Link are the Commerical Kings for "Cats & Dogs" everywhere

Los Angeles / Cats & Dogs [HD]     IFC presented a new series last night called Rhett & Link: Commercial Kings. The stars, Rhett McLaughlin and Link Neal are two popular web personalities, and some of the videos they created online were local commercials. Armed with a budget and now living in Los Angeles, they are bringing those talents to bear on helping business owners there. In the first episode, Rhett and Link's clients are a woman who runs a cat hotel, and another woman who provides a shuttle service for dogs. Rhett and Link interview both the animals and people involved, trying to figure out an angle to play up, as well as capture the spirit of the business they are promoting.

     Rhett and Link have done a wide range of hilarious videos online, but the local commericals were always some of the weaker entries. However, with this series, spending all the time behind the scenes (which, admittedly, they also posted video of for many of the web bits) makes it take on a whole different tone. Rhett and Link are charming and humorous, but also seem really, really nice. This is important in their line of work, and they are portrayed as working man serving a client, intead of TV stars who are nice enough to bestow their gifts upon "normal" people, as could have happened. Perhaps in the future they will be more cocky, though it's doubtful, as they have not let any of their fortune go to their heads.

    The secret to Rhett and Link's sucess in Rhett & Link: Commerical Kings are their personalities. "Cats & Dogs" is a good first episode. It features clients who are kooky, and many people would look down upon as weird. This provides the entertaining hook, as opposed to if the commericals were about more normal businesses. But even though Rhett and Link do seem to be in on the joke about the insanity, they also are sweet enough to treat their clients with resect and decency. They forge funny bits to show, but also satisfy the needs and wants of the people they are working for. It's a fine balance to walk, as in this situation, it would be easy to come across as abnoxious jerks making fun of people. They do not in the slightest.

     Which makes their television career one to root for. So often, people in the spotlight are revealed to not be good people. Rhett and Link have big hearts, and it shows. They are the types of guys anyone would want to be friends with. I honestly tuned it not expecting much, despite being a fan of their non-commerical videos, and was completely won over by the series. It's quirky, but not insulting, and highly entertaining. What more can one ask for in a television show?

     Watch Rhett & Link: Commerical Kings Friday nights at 10 p.m. ET on IFC.

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