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Friday, April 8, 2011

Bones finds "The Feet on the Beach"

     In last night's episode of FOX's Bones, Dr. Brennan (Emily Deschanel) works with Dr. Douglas Filmore (Scott Lowell, Queer as Folk) when eight pairs of feet are found on the U.S. / Canadian border. Filmore is a Canadian forensic podiatrist, a field not recognized. Brennan recently wrote a scathing article, finding forensic podiatry is too specialized to be named a valid job description. In fact, after reading the article, Filmore is so upset that right arm becomes paralyzed. So things between them get off to a pretty rocky start.

    This is a great story because Brennan's friends and teammates are used to her standoffish ways. They don't even seem to notice most of the time anymore when she says something insulting or condescending. Filmore brings a fresh pair of eyes to the scene, reminding us that Brennan still have quite a ways to go when working on her social skills. The rest of the Jeffersonian crew sides with Filmore, praising his work and encouraging him to confront Brennan. Sweets (John Francis Daley) even offering counseling, but it does his appendage no good. They also tell her she should apologize, but she doesn't understand why she should, since she only 'stated facts'. Both stubbornly refuse to budge on their outlook, and so they remain at an impasse.

     In the end, Filmore solves the case, and Brennan praises him for his work. She realizes she can do so without apologizing, since she maintains her rightness. Booth (David Boreanaz) is proud of her for the effort. In fact, Booth is the only one who can get through to her at all, and it likely she only said something nice to Filmore because Booth makes her see that not everyone values correctness above all else, as she does. He can see the type of person she really is, and that she just isn't great at communicating. Brennan has compassion, albeit, less developed than in others, but doesn't know how to exhibit those types of feelings.

     This is one more good argument on why Booth and Brennan should be a couple. They understand each other in ways that no one else does. The complement each other, and help strengthen their weaknesses. Considering the upcoming season finale in six weeks is titled "The Change in the Game", I am hoping that the two of them will move beyond friendship sooner rather than later. We've waited long enough!

     The B-plot isn't nearly as good. Cam (Tamara Taylor) does something wholly unethical to get her daughter Michelle (Tiffany Hines) accepted into Columbia. I haven't liked the Cam's insta-teen-daughter thing from the beginning, and while I applaud the writers with trying to find things to make Cam's personal life more interesting, this isn't a direction I support. The outcome of Michelle rejecting Cam's help, saying she will earn her way in on her own because Cam has taught her better than that, is just plain corny.

     There will be new Bones for the next six weeks through the season finale! Bones airs Thursday nights at 9 p.m. ET on FOX.


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