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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

JWTV Quickie: Nurse Jackie - "Enough Rope"

     Although last night's episode of Nurse Jackie is called "Enough Rope", it could easily have had a title that had something to do with apologies, because everyone is making them. Jackie (Edie Falco) apologies to Kevin (Domic Fumusa). Jackie apologies to O'Hara (Eve Best). Cooper (Peter Facinelli) apologies to Sam (Arjun Gupta). Even Lenny (Lenny Jacobson) and Zoey (Merritt Wever) dance around an apology when she sides with Jackie against the EMTs.

     Jackie obviously has the most to apologize for. She shut out O'Hara when the doctor tried to help Jackie with her pill addiction by bringing into the loop Jackie's husband. Jackie has forgiven O'Hara for that, but O'Hara can't forgive Jackie for the way she was treated. Nor should she. Jackie has not hit rock bottom, and needs to. She is popping pills as much as ever. Even though O'Hara may not have seen Jackie taking the narcotics lately, she knows there is an issue that needs to be addressed.

     Kevin is forgiving Jackie much quicker than O'Hara, but that could be because he doesn't know the truth. Jackie is assuring him that she never had a drug problem, and she is fine. He believes her, because as Eddie (Paul Schulze) says, Jackie is a fantastic liar. Besides the pills, Kevin still doesn't know Jackie had an affair with Eddie, who is now Kevin's best friend. An interesting, well written twist got Eddie and Kevin to this point, but it's unknown where it will go next. Eddie is an honest guy and wants to come clean, so Jackie reluctantly plants the seeds that will allow Eddie to tell Kevin that he and Jackie work together. But will Kevin be so forgiving when the affair and the serious addiction come to light, as they eventually must?

     I do think it's time for Sam to forgive Cooper though. Besides multiple apologies, and despite Cooper's smug, superior attitude, that public humiliaiton should have been enough to earn Cooper some forgiveness. Cooper is a good guy, at heart, even if he is a little stupid and arrogant. I wish Sam would warm up to him.

     As per usual, Akalitus (Anna Deavere Smith) has some of the funniest moments of the episode. Her trying to jump rope is amusing, but the best is when Akalitus talks to staff about fighting child obesity. As she rants, she hands out doughnuts to various workers. Yes, she is arguing against being fat, but giving her employees junk food that will make them that way. And she seems to be completely oblivious about the irony. Priceless!

     Nurse Jackie airs Monday nights at 10 p.m. ET on Showtime.

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