Friday, April 22, 2011

Archer ends second season with matrimony

     FX's Archer completed its second season last night the titular character, super spy and ladies' man Sterling Archer (voiced by H. Jon Benjamin) looking to turn in his bachelor card for a wedding band. Last week, Archer was rescued from the KGB by the beautiful Katya. Malory (Jessica Walter) and Lana (Aisha Tyler) suspect Katya is a double agent, sent to steal Krieger's (Lucky Yates) secret project. Their theory is backed up when they hack the Russian network and find a file listing Katya as a double. But she has been in love with Archer for years, and convinces him of such, the file being a trick. Sterling and Katya decide to run off together, and Malory brings a team to try to stop them. A shootout ends with a wedding, but Archer's special day is interrupted when Barry (Dave Willis) arrives to take his revenge.

     Archer has always had a bit of a sweet side. Despite all the different women he beds, he has shown genuine affection before. He may not be able to stay faithful, but he would give it a shot. But perhaps Katya is different, as evidenced by Archer's quick proposal, something he doesn't usually end his affairs with. Would Archer have been able to live in matrimonial bliss, or would he have strayed before long?

     We will never know the answer to that because Katya sacrifices herself to stop Barry. As the now part cyborg foe attempts to strange Archer, Katya wrestles him off the roof where she dies on the street below. This negates any doubts anyone still may have that Katya's love for Archer is true. It also brings an end to an interesting story. It is regrettable that this avenue is not pursued for a few episodes. While long term it likely would not have worked, it would have added a fresh element for a few adventures. Sadly, that will not be happening, though, since the relationship flourished in a season finale, it couldn't really be expected to.

     Barry survives the fall because he is now bionic. Will next season pick up right where this one left off, with Barry heading back to the roof to kill Archer? One can hope so, because it's hard to believe Barry would give up so easily. True, Archer has a bit of protection on the balcony, surrounded by allies. But their guns were empty of ammunition. It's a pickle. It's also a bit of a cliffhanger because there is no way to know if that immediate threat will continue, or whether the characters will move on and Barry will return later.

     Archer airs on FX, and will return for a third season next year.

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