Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Gossip Girl answers "Yes Then Zero"

     The CW's Gossip Girl returns with "Yes Then Zero." Serena (Blake Lively) is working in Los Angeles, where Chuck (Ed Westwick) and Nate (Chace Crawford) stop by as they finish their summer of travel and fun. All three work on saying yes, which lands Serena a promotion. Serena also bumps into "Charlie," whose real name is Ivy (Kaylee DeFer, now a series regular), who is quite surprised by the encounter. Meanwhile, Blair (Leighton Meester) hides her pregnancy while preparing for her wedding to Louis (Hugo Becker), who disappoints Blair when he won't stand up for her to his mother, Sophie (Joanne Whalley, The Borgias). Dan (Penn Badgley) almost takes advantage of the situation and lets Blair dump Louis, until he is forced to admit the truth.

     Blair's dance card may be entirely too full. Who would have thought, years ago, that Blair would be the one seeking love, and getting it returned on multiple sides, instead of Serena? Yet, that's how things are shaping up. Chuck lets Blair go rather than be with her, knowing she may be happier with a real life prince. Dan is still in love with Blair, but since she doesn't seem to return the feelings, he keeps quiet about it. And, of course, Louis represents everything that Blair thinks she wants, but the reality is a bit rocky. Each of these pairings, especially the first two, have their share of fans rooting for them. Who will get Blair in the end? Yes, Louis is engaged to her now, but that can change. Perhaps whoever impregnated her has a leg up.

     Poor Dan tries to be a good guy, calling on Louis's help to stop an excerpt of a book to be published in a magazine. Said story is about Blair, and it outs Dan's love for her. The magazine agrees not to move forward, but that's far from the end of things. Vanessa has stolen the manuscript, and sends Dan a check, implying that the full work will soon be in print. Will Blair see this and swoon? Or will she be angry at Dan for not telling her about his feelings? Or for making her look foolish? Best case scenario, the book will draw Dan and Blair closer. Reality could very well unfold the opposite.

     It's nice to see Chuck happy. He does seem a little reckless, especially after getting Blair's wedding invite. But he also looks to be moving on, assuring Nate he is fine, and giving great advice. Chuck exhibits a maturity that may come as somewhat of a surprise, but is surely hard earned. It's interesting that Chuck seems to have the best perspective on life out of all of the characters.

     Nate is the one who should be watching out. At a Hollywood party he ends up sleeping with a beautiful older woman named Diana  (Elizabeth Hurley, Austin Powers). Yet, a scene that he is not privy to reveals that she not only knows who he is, but has designs on him. Nate may have lied to get her into bed, something she saw through from the beginning, but he also apologizes. At heart, he is a very sweet guy. Diana had better have the best of intentions, because Nate does not deserve any more sorrow in his life, as the last few years have brought him enough of that.

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