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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Desperate Housewives keeps "Secrets That I Never Want to Know"

     The eighth and final season of ABC's Desperate Housewives kicks off with "Secrets That I Never Want to Know." The burden of keeping Carlos's (Ricardo Antonio Chavira) murder of Alejandro (Tony Plana) weighs differently on each of the five individuals that know it. Bree (Marcia Cross) is nervous as she probes Chuck (Jonathan Cake) on what he might know. Lynette (Felicity Huffman) goes to Tom (Doug Savant) for physical comfort. Susan (Teri Hatcher) can't bring herself to speak with her friends or Mike (James Denton). Carlos looks for absolution. Only Gabi (Eva Longoria) seems at ease.

     And why shouldn't she be? Alejandro abused and terrorized her. She lived in constant fear of him, made worse with his latest visit to the neighborhood. Carlos did her a favor, taking away such a real threat to his wife. Now she only has to worry that no one will tell, as she wants her husband around to care for her and their daughters.

     Gabi tries to make Carlos feel better by expressing that to him, but it doesn't do a lot of good. Nor does Carlos talking to his priest help, as, without knowing the details, the priest advises that Carlos turn himself into the cops, exactly what Gabi doesn't want him to do. Can he live with himself after this, or will it be a relief when it finally comes out, even if that means spending years in jail?

     Despite not doing the deed herself, Susan feels almost as guilty as Carlos does. It is not in her nature to cover up such a dark act, and she tells Mike everything. When she is finally able to talk to her girlfriends, after Mike worries that she is shutting him and them out, they make her see that telling her husband could only get him into trouble. It's nicer to leave him in the dark, as then he bears no responsibility if the truth comes out. If, in their minds, more likely when, in reality.

     If one was a betting man, the smart money might be on Lynette talking first. Susan wants to protect Mike, much as Gabi wants to protect Carlos, but Lynette and Tom are separated. And they have been together a lot longer. She has no problem going to him for physical comfort, so perhaps she will seek emotional reassurance as well by getting the secret off of her chest. It's clear that Tom still loves her, so he probably won't blab. But it could be a mistake to bring him in on the secret, considering what might happen when it blows up in their faces.

     The thing is, the Desperate Housewives seem to come to an understand at the end of "Secrets That I Never Want to Know" that they will not be sharing the dark truth. Which is good, because a whole season of them going crazy over hiding things will do no one any favors. Thus, for now at least, it is likely to stay buried. But equally likely is that things will begin to spiral out of control before season's end. After all, as this is the final year, anything could happen.

     There is also a subplot that has nothing to do with Carlos being a killer in Secrets That I Never Want to Know." An attractive new man named Ben (Charles Mesure, V, Street Legal) moves onto the street, and Renee (Vanessa Williams) calls dibs. Too bad Ben doesn't get the memo, though, as he is quick to turn Renee down. Knowing Renee, this isn't over, as she will take the rejection as a challenge. Can't wait to see what her next move is!

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