Monday, May 24, 2010

The Simpsons are my Idol

     Last night on Fox's season finale of The Simpsons, "Judge Me Tender", Moe (voiced by Hank Azaria) became the judge of all things big and small.  This culminated in him joining another Fox hit, American Idol, for one episode.  Is it coincidence that this is the weekend just before the season finale of Idol?  I think not.  Though none of the Idol contestants were involved, at least all four judges and the host provided their own voices.  However, Moe has seemed to get quite a bit of screen time lately, and he's always a good time.

     The major subplot involved Homer (Dan Castellaneta) spending more time at home because Moe's bar was closed.  This drove Marge (Julie Kavner) crazy, as he was constantly getting in her way and screwing things up.  It was a real chance to see Homer try to be a man who likes to stay home and help around the house, and exactly why it's good that he doesn't.

     The Simpsons rarely brilliant anymore, if it ever was.  It's funny, and it beats a whole lot of shows currently airing on television.  It's a nice, comfortable old favorite that you can tune into and enjoy, but don't expect something new or groundbreaking.  The finale fit in that mold perfectly, and as long as the episodes stay status quo, they'll still keep their audience.  Myself included.

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