Monday, October 3, 2011

Hung - "Don't Give Up on Detroit or Hung Like a Horse"

     HBO's Hung returned for a third season last night with "Don't Give Up on Detroit or Hung Like a Horse." Ray (Thomas Jane) and Tanya (Jane Adams) now have a successful Happiness Consultants store. In flashback, viewers get to see how the pair convince a couple of bank employees to give them the loan. With the new income, Ray is able to fix up the house, though he doesn't admit to Jessica (Anne Heche) just how he is doing so well. Jessica resists moving in with Ray, citing that she signed a lease, which is not yet up.

     If Jessica really wants to be with Ray, a lease will not stop her. After all, with the amount of income that Ray is bringing in, she can afford to pay off any broken lease penalties. More likely, she is just not ready to commit to him. Which is a pattern for her, considering how she leaves Ray for Ronnie (Eddie Jemison), and then goes back to Ray. Jessica needs some major reflection before she fully dives into another relationship, considering how the last couple end.

     Another consideration, although Ray doesn't mention it, is that if Jessica moves in with Ray and forges a real romantic reunion with him, Ray will have to give up his major income. Sure, he can still work with Tanya, but take away his biggest "asset" (his penis) from the mix, and his contribution will be much smaller. Plus, another guy will have to be hired to take his place, and it will spread out the money coming in between three people instead of two. This means he could very quickly end up poor again, especially since he is only substitute teaching about two days per week, a very small addition to his bank account.

     It is really, truly nice to see Ray and Tanya making it. They struggle for so long, and have their ups and downs with their business. But now they have got it together. Ray has everything fixed, and he's buying expensive cars and furniture. Tanya seems satisfied and fulfilled with her career, something more important to her than wealth. How long this will last is anyone's guess, but surely not long.
     That's because Lenore (Rebecca Creskoff), permanent pain in their side, is not pleased with their success. Only moments after Lenora sees an ad for their business, she beds a waiter named Jason (Stephen Arnell, Heartland) and begins the process of recruiting him for a rival venture. Tanya and Ray are not ripping Lenore off, but she has contributed to their business before, and feels like they have. She has been cut out, but only because of her own actions. She has no one but herself to blame. Unfortunately, she usually bests the pair, at least temporarily, so they are likely in for a rocky road.

     Finally, the scene where Ray gets the bank employees, Judy (Michaela Watkins, The New Adventures of Old Christine, Saturday Night Live) and Joanie (Arden Myrin, MADtv, Working), into a consultation, where they show more interest in each other than him, is hilarious! It's an interesting and bold choice to use two comedic women, rather than hot models. They are definitely more than attractive enough to pull this off, but it's not often you see comedians willing to take off their shirts and make out. Kudos to Hung for such a great score, Without the talent of the actresses, if their only contribution were looks, it would not work half as well as it does. The way it is executed manages to be well acted and hot!

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