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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Glee coverage to continue throughout the summer

Glee: The Music, Volume 6
    For those of you sad that FOX's Glee has finished its second season and we will be months without a fresh episode, as I am, the Glee love does not have to go away! GLEEKONOMICS will not let you down, with continuing columns throughout much of the summer hiatus.

     Currently, many of the cast are on tour, singing across the country and beyond! Sadly, I will not have the opportunity to see them, but perhaps you will. Click here for a list of tour dates and locations. Even better, a filmed version of the concert will be available on the big screen starting August 12th, and is expected to run for two weeks. I will be covering that event, and hope many of you will have a chance to see it as well.

     Also, The Glee Project will premiere June 12th on Oxygen. It's a competition show to pick a new cast member who will be in a number of episodes in season three. I am not a fan of reality TV as a genre, so I can certainly not guarantee much coverage, unless it turns out to be totally awesome. But many people love it, so if that's your thing, go crazy! I will at least review the first episode. Others depend on the watchability of the program.

     Finally, since I did very little reviewing of season one, despite my in depth coverage of every episode in season two, I will be bringing you reviews of first season episodes. Relive them on DVD and watch along with me! The plan is to review between one and three episodes a week beginning next week, with the ultimate goal being to finish sometime in August. I hope you will join me on this look back at the past.

     Stay strong Glee fans! As you can see, here is plenty to get you through the summer!

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