Saturday, December 11, 2010

Top Shows to Buy for Christmas

     While television is flooded with terrible offerings, such as Jersey Shore, $#*! My Dad Says, Two and a Half Men and The Mentalist, there are plenty of great things out there that not enough people are watching. By not enough, in some cases, almost everyone would be enough, because they are truly awesome shows.  Though not a complete list, here are a few recent triumphs to add to your Christmas lists for any loved ones that love TV:

24 The Complete Series ~ Here's something to tide you over until Jack Bauer makes the leap to big screen. Even more fun, watch each season in one day. You can probably do it in about 18 hours without the commercials.

Battlestar Galactica: The Complete Series ~ If you saw the old version of this show from 30 years ago, you may have been disappointed by the cheese. This newer series has none of that, and it amazing with the questions it raises. Check it out.

Caprica: Season One (1st half on sale now, 2nd half December 21st) ~ Sadly this Battlestar Galactica is already canceled. In fact, a lot of the 2nd half hasn't even aired. But it is a mixture of terrorism, religion, and beliefs in general that deserves attention. A new Galactica prequel has already been ordered.

Cougar Town Season One ~ Yeah, yeah, yeah. The worst titled show on TV. But after a rocky start, the series ditched the old woman dating younger man concept and became something more in the vein of friends, a group of close people who love each other and drink far too much.  Give it another chance.

Glee Season One ~ Although season two has been much sharper, this first season really had us going with the musical numbers and teen drama.

 Lost: The Complete Series ~ Did you tune out after several years of not knowing what was going on? That's ok. Now the complete series is available in one collection, and you can watch it straight through. It will make it easier to understand, and no less exciting.

Parks and Recreation Season Two ~ After a wildly unstable first season, the series settled into consistent funny in season two. It is one of the smartest written shows on TV, and will have you rolling.  Too bad NBC kept it off the air this fall, though season three will begin in January.

     Some shows are just so good, that even though they currently aren't available on DVD, pre-order them a put an IOU note in a giftbox. You will still be loved for it:

Justified Season One (releases January 18th) ~ This fascinating surprise about a Kentucky marshall, which is not a crime-of-the-week show, but instead, a wonderfully detailed and nuanced character study deserves any attention it gets.

Nurse Jackie Season Two (releases February 22nd) ~ Season two had Jackie's secrets threatening to burst at the seams, and though she tried to break off the affair with Eddie, he struck up a friendship with her husband.  Great stuff.

The Walking Dead Season One (releases March 8th) ~ If you missed AMC's zombie show, you are really missing out. It was about so much more than monsters. It was about people surviving. And morality. And sacrifice. And yes, zombies that ate you alive.

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