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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Ugly Americans returns tonight

    Last spring, Comedy Central aired a seven episode first season of Ugly Americans.  It's an animated series set in New York City, except that humans share the place with monsters and demons of all sorts.  I thought it was a pretty funny show, though I never wrote a full review.  I just watched tonight's season premiere, "Better Off Undead", and I have to say, it went a little too gross for me.

     The show revolves around Mark Lilly (Matt Oberg), a social worker for the Department of Immigration, or something like that.  He counsels creatures to help them get their lives on track.  This week, Mark tried to help a two-headed worm guy and his roommate, a Zombie named Randall (Kurt Metzger).  The left side of the worm guy was being abused by the right side, and there were parallels made between worm guys and slavery, as well as spousal abuse.  There is already a worm guy who is a regular in Mark's group, but that guy's two halves live in harmony.  Anyway, about the new worm guy.  Mark convinced the weaker half to get separate from the stronger half.  The weak half moved into Mark's apartment, and began acting like a servant.  Eventually, Mark grew tired of his company, and had him get reattached with his tormentor.

     Meanwhile, Randall was stalking his ex-girlfriend, trying unusccessfully to win her back.  She has a restraining order against him, so that complicated things.  Randall checked himself into a zombi rehabilition place, to learn to be a better zombie, and to better stalk people.  I twas a bit goofy, but eventually, Randall realized that he had to be who he was.

     Then Mark got cursed by his co-worker, a failed wizard named Leonard (Randy Pearlstein).  Mark was turned into an exact replica of Randall's ex-girlfriend.  You see, Leonard was drunk, and didn't know what he was doing.  He actually put a curse on Mark, who aged rapidly, and could not return to himself unless he had sex, as a woman, with a male, to completion.  Mark's demon girlfriend, Callie (Natasha Leggero, a judge on the recent season of Last Comic Standing), was very understanding, and helped him find a man to do the deed with online.  Sadly, the only man who responded to the female Mark's ad was Mark's gross, gruff co-worker, Lt. Grimes (Larry Murphy).  Mark hooked up with Grimes, and then very grossly, pulled himself out of the dead old lady skin in the morning.  Grimes found out just who he slept with, but he was weirdly ok with it.

     For me, the dead skin, and Randall accidentally eating his own fingers was more sick than I care to see.  However, generally the show is fairly entertaining.   Ugly Americans premieres tonight on Comedy Central at 10:30pm.

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