Friday, September 28, 2012

Quickie reviews

I don't always have time to write full reviews of everything. Here are some quick thoughts (slightly expanded) that I posted on twitter @JeromeWetzelTV I think I might do posts like this occasionally from now on.

Private Practice - "Aftershock" : I really don't care that Pete (Tim Daly) has left Private Practice other than that it makes Violet (Amy Brennemen) annoying. Sigh. Charlotte (KaDee Strickland) and Cooper (Paul Adelstein) continue to rock. I love Addison (Kate Walsh), but I'm glad they're wrapping her story up. If she breaks up with Jake (Benjamin Bratt) when she does, though, I'll be ticked.

The Big Bang Theory - "The Date Night Variable" : The Big Bang Theory was very good, as usual. I'm glad the relationships are getting movement, especially Shamy, and poor Raj! Glad Stewart (Kevin Sussman) is a series regular now! Nice addition.

South Park - "Sarcastaball" : South Park was good, felt like the ref strike joke was an after thought, but great commentary on our over protection of kids.

The Neighbors - "Pilot" : The Neighbors had goofy charm in a few spots, but overall, was not very good. Like Coneheads, if they never assimilated. What I don't get most about The Neighbors is how the aliens lived in a neighborhood for 10 yrs without being discovered. They're not careful


  1. I'm with ya on Pete, and I never could stand Violet. And the Cooper/Charlotte arc story is gonna be a wild ride for sure! I kinda liked "The Neighbors". It was a fun half hour where you didn't have to think too hard.

  2. P.S. I absolutely LOVE Stewart on BBT!


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