Monday, September 3, 2012

Intriguing Television Locations

Guest Post By Alexandra Jacobs

It is easy to be drawn into television shows that are set in beautiful and unique locations. Anyone who has ever wished they could be transported onto a television show can now come close. All fall programs have started filming, and it is possible to visit sets and see the stars.

"Revenge" is a returning drama about a prestigious group of individuals who have secrets hidden under their seemingly idyllic lives. The show is set in the Hamptons, but there are behind the scenes secrets as well. The elegant homes depicted in the series are actually located on a soundstage in Manhattan Beach, CA. The protagonist, Emily Thorpe, lives in a quaint yet refined beach house that is thought to be based off a home in Wilmington, North Carolina. Emily seeks to get revenge on everyone who she believes is responsible for her father's death, and she lives next door to the most guilty party. The Graysons are Emily's target, and their house is largely Photoshopped. However, they used designs by Peter Cook and filmed shots in Amagansett, New York and Wilmington. The pilot was originally filmed in Wilmington but mostly takes place in L.A. now. T.V. magic is used to bring the grandeur of Hampton real estate to life.

Many shows shoot episodes in various locations when they first start. "The Mob Doctor" features a Chicago doctor who finds herself lending her services to mob bosses to repay debts her family incurred. The series has been filming in the South Halsted area of Chicago. If the show succeeds, then it will probably duplicate buildings on a sound stage or find property in New York or L.A. However, anyone in the Chicago area can currently watch the action this medical drama produces.

Anyone who watches the supernatural mystery "Haven" will think the town is an actual fishing community in Maine. This fictional area treats viewers to detailed glimpses of the shoreline, heavy fog and a rich storefront. The series looks so lifelike because they film in  many areas in Nova Scotia, Canada. A restaurant heavily featured in the show is in Tilley's Cove. This series is distinct because it still uses many natural locations, and the premise is equally creative. Residents in the town are plagued with various problems known only as "troubles". Two detectives must help people deal with these supernatural abilities while keeping the rest of the town safe.

It is easy to film in the same area a show takes place when it is located in New York. 666 Park Ave features a normal couple entering a devilish world when they move into a supposedly perfect apartment. The show is filmed on Kent Street in Brooklyn. This allows the show to feature shots of buildings and attractions in New York. This new show will depict luxurious New York City locations while delighting and terrifying fans.

Television shows that make use of the background are able to tell a better story. These shows will have fans wanting to visit location for themselves.

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