Saturday, January 14, 2012

"The Crack in the Code" doesn't help Bones

     FOX's Bones ends its current run of episodes with "The Crack in the Code" this week. A partial body is left on a Lincoln statue, and an examination reveals a cryptic message. The team uses this information to find the rest of the remains, as well as the murder site and who the killer is. The problem, though, is that the guilty party, Christopher Pelant (Andrew Leeds), is a tech genius who is confined to his home, which gives him an airtight alibi, as his ankle monitor says he has been there the entire time. Yet, his toying with the team, and scenes shown to viewers, indicate he has a plan that isn't even close to done. Also, Booth (David Boreanaz) finds a new home for Brennan (Emily Deschanel), himself, and their unborn daughter.

     It's been a little while since Bones faces a might foe. Sure, there was the sniper last season, but he only did a few episodes, and was caught relatively quickly, with little personal interaction. By contrast, Pelant seems more like an earlier villain, who is well developed, a worthy match for our heroes, and also might engage in a contest of wills as much as of smarts. His taunting of Booth and Sweets (John Francis Daley) in "The Crack in the Code" is creepy enough. But Pelant's remarks about Hodgins (T.J. Thyne) are downright worrying.

     As far as brains go, Brennan may have met her match. Pelant fries Angela's (Michaela Conlin) computer with a fractal pattern carved into bones! Who can do that? His clues trip up the whole team, and any progress they make, such as finding the scene of the original crime, is what he allows them to make. He seems to be steps ahead, and acts incredibly confident during his interrogation. He even takes down a well-known reporter to cover his tracks, a bold move few would attempt, as it only draws more attention. He has tricked his monitor somehow, and it really calls into question how the Jeffersonian crew will be able to prove he is involved in anything. They fail at that in "The Crack in the Code."

     Pelant also seems pretty scary. With one squintern biting the dust last year, Pelant's higher stakes, more complex game puts the main characters into jeopardy. Who is really expendable? Might Bones consider ditching a beloved favorite after so many seasons? While it would hurt considerably, it's hard not to hope for a big time murder, considering it would really shake things up and breathe new life once more into the series. Not that new life is needed, but it's always welcome.

     The development of Booth and Brennan finding a house is much more heartwarming. The two search high and low, but are unable to find something within their price range that meets the wants of both partners. Until Booth buys a really rundown place at an auction. It needs work, but he's handy enough. Also, it's a great deal, financially, something necessary because Booth wants to put in at least half, and he makes considerably less than Brennan. Her comments about the house's "bones" may be a little on the nose, but it also makes one smile. It's so exciting to see where these two are heading next, as they are on a wonderful path at the moment!

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