Monday, March 28, 2011

JWTV Quickie: Fringe - "Bloodline"

     The Observer (Michael Cerveris) is back! That means something big is stirring on FOX's Fringe. Of course, that is no surprise, considering that Faulivia (Anna Torv) just gave birth to Peter Bishop's (Joshua Jackson) baby. The fate of both universes hang in the balance, supposedly the decision resting in Peter's hands. While Peter is in love with Olivia (also Torv), not of his universe, learning that Fauxlivia has had his (age accelerated) baby just may shift the balance. A showdown seems imminent, as the season finale will be called "The Day We Died", and chances are, one universe of the other may be dead for good soon.

     What will that mean for characters we've come to love? Sure, Olivia, Peter, Walter (John Noble), and the like are much cherished. But I have also gotten attached to alt-universe counterparts, especially seeing Charlie (Kirk Acevedo) back from the dead, and alt-Fringe leader Lincoln Lee (Seth Gabel). While we have now seen Lincoln (Gabel) on our side, I don't want alt-Lincoln to die either. Could we possibly stage a little rescue before a universe implodes? You know, let a few people immigrate over from one side to the other? Peter did it. Let's have a few more. Or everyone. Can you imagine the possibilities if there was an en-masse evacuation?! It could fuel three more seasons, easily!

     As for this week's episode itself, it was hell-a-citing! Fauxlivia is kidnapped and medical procedures are done to her. While we think she is in danger, Walternate (Noble) is actually saving mother and baby. Why did he do it so secretly? If there is a way to save the baby, surely Faulivia would be on board. Losing her sister to the condition that now threatens her, the threat is more than hypothetical to her. I'm glad everyone is all right. Walternate is showing more and more to like, rather than just being a flat villain, but sneaking around is not going to help his case. Especially odd considering the secrets that Walternate did let out of the bag.

     Also of note, adored Lincoln, Charlie, Henry (Andre Royo), and weird alt-Astrid (Jasika Nicole) (what is up with her, anyway?) teaming up and sharing Walternate's secrets. It was great fun, and wonderful for so many reasons. They could be their own spin-off! Or a Fringe B-Team if they come over to stay. Now that we're getting to know them through a few separate adventures, I'm liking them more and more. Please don't take them away.

     Fringe airs Friday nights at 9 p.m ET on FOX.


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