Thursday, August 5, 2010

On the Road With Austin and Santino

     When Lifetime brought back Project Runway last week, so soon, considering it's the third season we're seeing in less than a calendar year, I was surprised by a few things.  One is the new, hour and a half format.  The second was the ditching of the less-than-good Models of the Runway after only two cycles.  The third was what is now following the long running contest.  Namely, a little show called On the Road With Austin and Santino.

     Austin Scarlett delighted fans during the first season, and Santino Rice annoyed audiences in season two.  It seemed a strange pairing, but then again, not really.  The draw of Project Runway for me has always been the drama, and these two clash.  Plus, they both were pretty high profile; each among the best known, if not the best, to come out of their season.  If anyone would get to headline this show, these two were the ones to pick.  And they both have oodles of talent, despite any personality flaws.

      In the first episode, Austin and Santino met a girl that loves to ride horses, and clashed over what her style should be.  Santino favored a gingham theme, while Austin went for lace.  Quite honestly, I though Austin's idea was loads better.  Santino's gingham fabric looked like a table cloth, and it just seemed too predictable for the situation they were in.  But Santino's very strong personality won out, and he did make a fairly decent dress with the material.  Better than expected, anyway.

     I don't know that this series really has the staying power.  I doubt it will be different enough every week to hold my interest for more than a few episodes.  However, as an occasional spot, it might be worth checking out.  That's why I find myself wishing they had produced a limited run of 3 or 4 episodes, or just an hour or two special instead of a series.  Or give the show to different designers every week or few weeks to keep it fresh.  But feel free to prove me wrong, Lifetime.

     On the Road With Austin and Santino airs Thursday nights at 10:30, including tonight.

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