Sunday, August 29, 2010

Lost Season 6 worth buying immediately

     It had to end sometime.  After six spectacular seasons, ABC's Lost came to an end last May.  Although Lost usually waits to put out their DVDs until late in the fall, Season 6 is already out, and I highly recommend going to the store and purchasing it at your earliest convenience, if not sooner.  All sixteen episodes, including the two hour premiere and two and a half hour finale are included.  This was the season that tied it all up.  From the flash sideways universe, to Richard (Nestor Carbonell) and Jacob's (Mark Pellegrino) origins, to the tear jerking series finale, it was a hell of a year.

     But, of course, if you're like me, you've already seen the episodes.  The most exciting thing in this DVD release is the special features.  There are a few, though not more you easily get through in a couple hours, audio commentaries aside.  There's here forty minute "THE END: Crafting A Final Season" which shows clips and interviews from throughout the last year.  It brought almost as many tears as the episodes did to me eyes.  "A Hero's Journey" is about how Lost set out to tell the classic hero tale, times sixteen.  "See You in Another Life, Brotha" tackles some of mystery surrounding the sideways universe, and why the alternate characters were always looking in mirrors.  "LOST on Location" takes you to the set for six episodes, mostly revealing how the special effects and water scenes were created.

     The crown jewel of the DVD, and the reason you must buy now, is the twelve minute epilogue to the series, "The New Man in Charge".  It finds Ben Linus (Michael Emerson) arriving at the warehouse that puts together all those nifty food drops to the island to fire the two employees.  Half of the minisode is Ben and the guys watching a tape on the function of the Hydra Station, which didn't reveal a lot of new information, so much as confirmed widely held theories.  And then Ben goes back to Hurley's old mental institution to tie up one of the show's biggest loose ends.  I won't reveal who he finds there, as the surprise was great, but it is a major player who was not brought back like so many others were.  And there's a brief appearance by Hurley (Jorge Garcia), too.

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