Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Boys have grown up a bit

    TBS's hit sitcom My Boys returns tonight with two new episodes: "Addition by Subtraction" and "Gourmets and Confused".  Sadly, the first episode deal's with the group coping over the loss of Andy (Jim Gaffigan), who has moved his family to China.  Gaffigan is sorely missed from the cast, and it is quickly apparent that no one can replace him.  I gave the show props for realizing that, and not trying to pick another goofy comedian to fill his shoes.  The 2nd episode finds the two couples in the cast at a fancy restaurant, while the two single guys decide to try to have the best night ever without the rest of their friends.  Of course, there are some mix-ups and accidents, and soon hilarity ensues.

     Without Gaffigan, there is less slapstick.  The humor has had to tone itself down.  Kenny (Michael Bunin) and Stephanie (Kellee Stewart) now in a relationship that is publicly visible, and Bobby (Kyle Howard) and P.J. (Jordana Spiro) have settled into their couple status, comfortable after some time together.  The show used to be about a bunch of single friends and their antics, but gradually over three seasons, they've all grown up.  Even Brendan (Reid Scott) and Mike (Jamie Kaler), the two least responsible, and still single, dressed in suits to go find classy girls in tonight's episodes.  It's become a different show than it used to be, but I'm not sure that's a bad thing.

     Although no final decision has been announced, it is likely that My Boys's fourth season will be it's last.  That makes me sad, but unlike other sitcoms, the actual serious development of the characters should leave the ending bittersweet.  We have bore witness to a journey, with a definite beginning (and hopefully definite) ending.  Stephanie has gone from outsider and occasional gal pal to P.J. to full fledged member of the group, as well as overcome her hate of men in general, and Kenny in particular.  Brenden will soon be looking for his own apartment, while Mike considers steady work and love.  If we can get some Jim Gaffigan again at the end of the season, I will be fully satisfied.

     If you haven't seen the show, go ahead and tune in.  The first two episodes should bring you up to speed.  If you have, enjoy the series while you still can, because you may not get to much longer.  My Boys airs on TBS Sunday nights at 10pm, but tonight you get a second new episode at 10:30.

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