Thursday, July 15, 2010

Comics, comics everywhere

     Summer is a time for comedy.  NBC has (once again) revived it's competition show, Last Comic Standing.  I am sorry to say, it's been a little weak this year, though.  Craig Robinson is doing pretty good as host, but not everyone else is really bringing the laughs.  The judges gave no useful critiques in the early rounds.  They were badly in need of someone to tell it like it is.  They all pretty much only said nice things.  And then they picked a pretty weak Top Ten, as evidenced by this week's episode.  I disagreed with many of their choices for the group, and I thought they let some very talented people slip away.  The most glaring mistake was bringing back Felipe Esparza.  And perhaps I don't understand the comedy stand-up hierarchy, but haven't Roy Wood Jr. and Tommy Johnagin already been fairly successful?  I was surprised to see them on the show, already being familiar names.  I have trouble wanting them to win because I feel like the show can better help out someone who has been less well know.

     This week, only Mike DeStefano killed.  Which is a shame, because I had also pinned my hopes on Laurie Kilmartin, Jonathan Thymius, and Myq Kaplan.  I twittered about how Myq had used the same material that was featured on Revision3's ROFL last week, and he e-mailed me back some fresh links.  That's how I know he has it in him to do better.  That, and I loved him in the early rounds.  Thymius started strong this week, and then kind of faded out.  I'm thinking it was just an off week all around.  Perhaps the performers were tired or nervous.  I would be in their position.  I'll still tune in next week and root for them.

     However, fear not.  Showtime has The Green Room With Paul Provenza, and the comics on there are all well seasoned.  Paul gets together with three or four comedians in a small space with an intimate audience and they talk for 25 minutes.  Last week, the guests included Robert Klein and Jonathan Winters, and was the funniest yet.  Winters's army story about pretending to be gay had me roaring, and then I laughed even harder, albeit in shock, when he revealed his mom's excuse for throwing away his old metal cars.  Klein had some great memories concerning Rodney Dangerfield.  This is a show you shouldn't miss.

     Tonight at 10:30pm, The Green Room welcomes Martin Mull, Penn Jillette, and the legendary Tommy Smothers.  Next Monday at 9pm, Last Comic Standing will be down to it's Top 7, and two more will be voted home,

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