Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gleeks to get less Glee, but it's all good

     Fox had such a huge hit on it's hands with Glee that it was picked up for a second season by January, and a reality show leading up to the premiere of season two was announced soon after.  The reality show would feature fans uploading videos of themselves singing onto YouTube, and the winners would get to appear on the television show.

     Yesterday Fox announced that there would be no reality television show.  The project has been scrapped.  Speaking as someone who has no respect for reality tv (other than an occasional Project Runway or American Idol article, it is the genre missing from my reviews), this is definitely good news.  Why water down such an interesting, unique hit by adding a crappy, bastardized reality competition to it?

     Fans who already uploaded their videos, fear not.  Creator Ryan Murphy will still be combing them to find some new guest stars.  Some Gleeks out there will soon be getting a very special call.  The creator asked Fox to cancel the project so that he could focus better on planning upcoming episodes, and the network didn't fight him on it.

     Plenty of Glee will be coming to airwaves, so don't despair.  Fox has asked for twenty-five episodes this season, a number almost unheard of anymore for hour long dramedies, and especially for a show that takes as much effort as Glee does to put together.  It has also already been given a third season, so the creative team have plenty of time to take us on a great arc.  Also, in conjunction with the first season, there are three full albums and two mini-albums, as well as a DVD release available as a complete season or in two parts, so there's plenty of ways to relive the memories.  Not only that, but it was recently revealed that the Glee cast members have a clause in their contracts calling for three feature length films, should the studio decide to move the McKinley High students to the big screen.

     In other Glee news, it was just announced that Filipino singing star Charice will be coming on board in a recurring role.  Oprah called her the most talented girl in the world, so she definitely has some chops.  Look out Rachel!

     Glee stars Matthew Morrison, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith, Chris Colfer, Amber Riley, Dianna Agron, Mark Salling, Jayma Mays, and the legendary Jane Lynch, among others, and will be returning to Fox this fall.  Many of the stars will also be at Comic Con this summer.

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