Sunday, May 16, 2010

Smallville kneels before Zod

    This past Friday, Smallville ended it's ninth season with "Salvation", an epic battle between beings with more powers than the average person.  Clark (Tom Welling) made the choice to leave earth, despite what he believed about destiny, in order to save the world.  Turns out, though, that he managed to make all the Kandorians leave, but stayed himself.  How?  That's still fuzzy.  Zod (Callum Blue) apparently stayed initially because of his blue kryptonite, which he stabbed Clark with, and then dissolved.   Ok, so the blue kryptonite makes you stay.  Noted.  Then why did Clark not disappear before he was stabbed with it?  However, I won't miss that particular plot, and it was my least favorite role for actor Blue, who has been wonderful in other shows.

     More disturbing is the apparent death of Tess Mercer (Cassidy Freeman).  After two seasons of filling in for Lex Luthor (Michael Rosenbaum), she died in a hospital bed after being burned by Zod.  However, despite her being listed as confirmed dead on Ausiello's blog, I don't buy it.  My evidence is the mysterious knitter in the hall, who I would not be surprised at all to learn was Lex.  Or someone associated with Checkmate, though that seems less likely.  Lex himself appeared to die several times, but the awesome glimpse of Smallville circa 2013 at the beginning of the episode revealed that he is alive and kicking.  And so is Jimmy Olsen, who was played by Aaron Ashmore before his surprise death last year, but I assume this is a different Olsen, which may be may not be explained in the series.  Anyway, does this mean that Rosenbaum may be returning, and that's why Tess was expendable?  Because I don't consider her so, but I would love to see Lex return.

     This also gives the show some kind of timeline.  Many thought season 9 would be it's last (and that was also thought of previous seasons).  With the surprise negotiation of season 10, which would end in spring 2011, that puts us only two years away from Lex running for president.  So if the show would conceivably get more seasons, as the tenth has not been officially revealed as the last, Lex would have to return by the 12th, much to fans' delight.  I don't see twelve seasons as likely, but I also didn't think that of ten.

     The big question is who will be returning next year?  I would be highly disappointed if Oliver (Justin Hartley) is dead, though what was attacking him will hopefully lead into next year's mystery.  Chloe (Allison Mack) is indispensable, but at the time I am writing this article, she has not been signed for next year.  With those two up in the air, that leaves only Clark and Lois (Erica Durance) confirmed.  Though, there are plenty of recurring characters to choose from to bolster the roster.  Even better, are the right to the actual character of Superman at hand?  We got a glimpse of the famous suit.  It would be awesome if the Man of Steel finally joined the show.

   ARTICLE UPDATE: The tenth season will be Smallville's last, and while Allison Mack will appear in multiple episodes, she will not be returning full time.  Also, Tess is listed as full-time for next year on the Season Ten cast roster.

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